Online Training-

We tied up with the founder of Champions Gurukul and my coach Abhinav Sinha to organise online fitness sessions for a group of 15 kids from Shastrinagar BMC school during the pandemic to allow them to continue training hard despite the lockdown. This was done with the help of Shithil Bangera, Aditya Rajpal, Cawas Bilimoria and JAmshed Dubsmash. 



We collected Rs. 70,000 to sponsor judo tournaments for the students of Shastrinagar BMC school in Kalina.


Shoe collection drive-

We distributed new sports shoes to underprivileged athletes in different parts of India. Over 75 pairs of shoes were donated to the Khelshala organisation in Chandigarh and over 50 pairs were distributed to the children working with the Angel Express NGO along with, 30 pairs that were given to the students of Shastrinagar BMC school.

Interactive Workshops- 

Along with the help of fitness coach, Shithil bangers we organized an online workshop for 20 students from then Ngo, "my helping hands". The Main objective was to educate them and encourage them to continue taking part in sporting activities despite the current situation that we are in. 


Inclusion cycling drive, "Cycle for a Cause" - 

We tied up with West Coast Riders and to come together and initiate this fundraiser to facilitate Divyang Sports And Cultural Foundation and fuel the growth of Para-sports in India.  This foundation was formed by the visually impaired athletes who have been engaged in tandem cycling since 2017. We have also participated with them in various inclusion rides. These talented athletes are in need of support in terms of equipment such as tandem bicycles and other safety gear. 

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Dancing Divas: A Girl's Empowerment project-

We worked in collaboration with 'Team spreading smiles' and a passionate dancer, Jiya Chotrani to organize an online dance workshop for a group of 20 girls from various organizations. This was aimed to help increase participation of girls in sporting and physical activity. It was a one and a half hour session of Bollywood dancing. This was followed the Following week with a dance competition amongst the participants. The winners were rewarded with gift vouchers from decathlon, a sporting brand to help encourage the take up of sports at a higher level.