Our Mission:


Sports Unite is an initiative aiming to share the happiness that comes with the joy of playing a sport whether it is on a field, court, with a racket, ball or even nothing at all! While, many of us do have the opportunity to access the facilities and equipment to do the same there are over tens to thousands of children, in India itself who unfortunately do not get to experience the same. Hence, being a sports player I desire to be able to spread this overwhelming feeling of engaging in a sport and try to give back for making me into the person that I am today.

Our Vision:

The goal of this initiative is not only to help provide the less unfortunate kids with equipment and facilities but also helping them to connect with one another and dream to make the impossible possible.

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.

~Billie Jean King

Having been involved in sports right from the age of 4, I think I can successfully say that I have learnt so much more than just winning and losing but in fact, so much about life, discipline, hard-work, patience and the list goes on… However, when the pandemic hit everything came to a standstill. No more early morning fitness sessions or late evening practice sessions which is when I realised the importance of sport in not only my life but my daily routine. Realising the impact it has on a person mentally and physically I decided to make it my mission to do my best to help other children experience the joy of playing a sport in the best way I could, hence deciding to give birth to “(Sportzunite)”

Note from Saisha:

Note from Krishiv:

Since childhood having watched my sister playing squash, i was naturally drawn towards the squash racket and ball and i spent a lot time in the squash court and played many national level tournaments. However, while the pandemic hit in 2020 i also suffered a minor injury and thus couldn't play squash, this made me reflect on the importance of sport. Hence, i decided to help my sister with this innitiative and apply my coding and web designing skills to spread awareness of this cause and conduct sport's workshop's